Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jeannie Mai : contract with Quixtar has ended.

Hi Everyone!
I understand there has been a lot of speculation about why my contract with Quixtar has come to an end. First off, let me say that this relationship has ended on the best of terms and at a natural point where both Quixtar and I wished to pursue other projects.
My life has actually been entirely changed ever since I discovered the heartbeat behind what Quixtar was really about. I still remember the first excited conversation with an anxious IBO in Hawaii three years ago, and the feeling of meeting family every time I'd greet the passionate people within the corporation. I can recall the pride to be a part of something so revolutionary as I toured the laboratories behind the research of every product distributed. As awesome as the concept to becoming a successful IBO was, I was most attracted to the fellowship that was bonded as every dreamer would work to reach their goals--together. Each time I spoke the words "Never Accept Ordinary", I was praying it over every single heart that was blessed to have a stab at an opportunity like this.
Now that my contract has ended, my work to "never accept ordinary" has actually become my heartbeat. I've made valuable friends for life from this role I had the privilege to experience, not to mention gain a fabulous husband whose qualities that made him an IBO are exactly what I desired to have as my life partner. This corporation has been a dream turn reality, and I wish the same continues for every person who has the chance to experience it from this point on.
Love so much,Jeannie Mai Harteis


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